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Hardisty Terminal, AB, Canada Hardisty Terminal, Alberta, Canada Our Hardisty terminal, which commenced operations in June , is an origination terminal where we load various grades of Canadian crude oil received from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin onto railcars for transportation to end markets. Hardisty is one of the major crude oil hubs in North America and is an origination point for export pipelines to the United States. The Hardisty terminal can load up to two railcar unit trains per day and consists of a fixed loading rack with 30 railcar loading positions, a unit train staging area and loop tracks capable of holding five unit trains simultaneously. The terminal is also equipped with an on-site vapor management system that allows our customers to minimize hydrocarbon loss while improving safety during the loading process. Our Hardisty terminal receives inbound deliveries of crude oil through a direct pipeline connection from Gibson Energy Inc. Gibson, one of the largest independent midstream companies in Canada, has 6 million barrels of storage and access to most of the major pipeline systems in the Hardisty hub. The terminal’s strategic location and direct pipeline connection to substantial storage capacity provides efficient access to the major producers in the region. Our Hardisty terminal is also connected to the Canadian Pacific railroad’s North Main Line, a high capacity line with the ability to service key refining markets across North America.

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We believe, just because a piece of equipment is used, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work. Every truck must pass a point inspection process, and an outside independent Federal DOT inspection. Over the years we have developed, and continue to cultivate first-rate partnerships with some of the top waste industry and equipment sources in the country. This not only ensures American buinesses a high quality product right from the start, but also has distinguished us as a national leader, when it comes to delivering superior re-conditioned trucks.

Solved how to hook up an old harman kardon pm amplifier and tuner to new sony surround sound system and samsung tv Forum How do i get to aux on my old RCA tv with out a remote, so i can hook up.

Speaker Connections for proper impedance match A note about amplifiers: You should always use the recommended load for your amplifier. However, if you must use a load other than the recommended load, here is a short guide. Most solid-state amplifiers would rather look at an open circuit no speaker at all than a load.

Therefore, you can usually use a load that is higher than the recommended load. Do not use a lower impedance load, as this could cause serious damage to your SS amp. On the other hand, most tube amplifiers need a load to avoid transformer or tube socket damage. If a mismatch can not be avoided on a tube amp, it is better to go towards a lower impedance rather than too high of a speaker impedance.

This may stress the tubes some, but, tubes are cheaper than transformers. As the graphic shows, you connect the positive wire to speaker A’s positive terminal, connect a wire from speaker A’s negative terminal to speaker B’s positive wire, and then connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of speaker B. You could continue this string for as many speakers that you have available, however, it may not be very practical.

The impedances add in a series connection. If speaker A equals 8ohms and speaker B equals 8ohms, the total load is A plus B, or 16ohms. If you string three 8 ohm speakers in series the net impedance will be 3X8 24 ohms.

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VTech toys include some of the best electronic toys for kids. Designed for baby, infant, toddler, and pre-k learning levels, shop interactive tech toys at VTech. Interactive Electronics & Tech Toys for Kids and Baby. Products InnoTab ® 3 and 3S is compatible with microSD memory cards up to 32GB.

Nothing is ever going to be the same from that day forward. Mark and Jackie Barden, who lost son Daniel, said they hold on to the final, loving moments of his life Kind: Daniel, right, woke up early on the day he died to hug his brother goodbye as he got on the bus She added that Noah’s twin sister Arielle is in counseling, while both of her daughters ‘have a lot of fears; they want to watch us lock our doors’.

It is a pain that Krista Rekos, who lost her daughter Jessica, knows all too well. I reach out for him. I keep thinking he’s here and can’t understand why he’s not. Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Lewis, said in January there is no need for military-style weapons in homes Holding on: Scarlett Lewis said she keeps Jesse’s dirty socks under his pillow so she can smell him Nicole and Ian Hockley said their hearts broke even more when they sat down Dylan’s eight-year-old brother Jake to reveal the devastating news.

His little heart was broken. Jenny and Matt Hubbard, parents of six-year-old Catherine Hubbard, added that their eight-year-old son Freddy believes he will see her again.

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What are some on your online dating safety tips? Your dating profile should never list your full or last name, personal e-mail address, home address, home or cell number, where you work, or any other private personal information that could make it easy to identify you. Always use caution in giving out any personal information in your private messages.

Our MK-7 Computer Audio Speaker Switch Box ends the hassle and inconvenience associated with sharing one set of speakers with two computer systems. With the MK-7 Speaker Switch Box, switching speaker audio between two computers is now very EASY, FAST, and EFFORTLESS!

Below I have put together some of the best free sources for car stereo wiring diagrams and wiring colors. The first resource is best for finding the power wires for your car. The second two deal more with wiring diagrams for car radio. It covers most makes of vehicle and has both stereo wiring diagrams and car alarm wiring diagrams. The diagrams are provided on request by members of their forum that have access to car alarm manufacturers wiring databases.

They are then cataloged and indexed on the site. Very helpful and you can request other diagrams in the forum if yours is not already available. Wiring Diagrams – This site is provided by Bulldog Security and is geared toward car alarm installation. Still good for finding the power wires needed to hook up your car stereo. This is the go to site for free car alarm wiring diagrams.

The pages are not model specific but do concentrate on the wiring diagrams for car radio.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. You can get almost any projector and hook it up to your cable box.

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The guys caught both using a green SpoonFed bunker spoon and an “oldschool” green bunker spoon. The guys caught the Stripers trolling white Mojos West of Debs in around 45 ft of water. A report from Lloyd Malsin Paul Seiden Alan Berman Kevin Grant of Nansea II With ocean recovering from heavy seas and win we trolled mojos and spoons for few hours Saturday and boxed 5 bass from inches We worked area catching a quick fish and hung in till bite produced 4 fish in the last hour close to end of incoming.

The guys caught the Bass while fishing off Debs in about 55 ft of water. The Bass were caught on green bunker spoons. The Bass were caught on yellow and white Mojos. A report from Capt. Jimmy, Andrew, Jack, Kourtney and Shawn went trolling south of debs inlet in 50ft of water and caught 3 Bass up to The 4 Bass weighed in at Great action out there today! Mike Agard of Quickie II went out for 1 hour and came back with a A report from Jimmy and James of Caroline Jimmy and James went trolling in 45ft of water off the pink hotel and caught 2 bass,

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For proof, look no further than the unbelievable growth of the memoir genre over the past several years. Memoirs have worked their way into the American mainstream and show no signs of turning back. Why does the idea of memoirs appeal to writers just as much as it appeals to the people who read them? There are of course many formats for telling our personal stories: Essays, magazine articles, blogs and the local pub are all viable venues.

Ideally it takes just a few steps: plug the ALDL cable connector into your OBD port under the dash and into your PC (see the instructions here). Fire up your laptop and start whatever data collection or tuning program software you use, and turn the car key forward to start the data stream flowing.

We provide competitively priced, high quality teepees of superior workmanship using the authentic Plains Indian pattern. Our teepees are made-to-order in sizes ranging from Size 10′ increasing in increments of 2′ up to Size 24′ maximum. We classify a Size 12′ Backyard Teepee as Extra Small, suitable for sleeping two single adults or children. Size 14′ Teepee is a small size shelter suitable for sleeping two to four adults with no inside open fire.

This size of teepee was about the maximum size traditionally used by nomadic Plains Indians, before light weight canvas and horses became available for helping to move camp. Size 16′ Teepee has ample space for storage of camp gear and to sleep two adults comfortably with a small inside open fire or four adults with no center fire.

Hardisty Terminal, Alberta, Canada

Share on Facebook If your small business depends on video images to keep customers rolling in, you’re going to want the biggest and best image you can get. This typically means using one of the new range of HD projectors to get your image as large as possible. By using the latest High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI cables to connect a cable television box to a projector, you can project TV shows such as sporting events for your business audience. Step 1 Power down your cable television box.

Bear Creek Golf Club is a beautiful hole golf course in Grand Prairie, Alberta. An impressive array of amenities are available at Bear Creek, including an RV Park, a golf shop, a driving range and banquet facilities for up to 60 guests.

Share this article Share Fishermen often target silky sharks, which are numerous off the southeastern U. But they can also be caught accidentally by people trying to catch other species such as tuna. They catch them and cut the line so they don’t have to bring it on the boat, or the shark breaks the line. The pair use pliers to extract the hooks, which they say affect three-quarters of the sharks they see Technique: The sharks are flipped upside down by holding them gently by the tail and twisting their bodies Flipped: Once the sharks are the wrong way up, they are paralysed for up to 15 minutes.

Scientists disagree over the origins of the phenomenon, which affects several species and can be triggered in different ways ‘Taking a hook out feels great, knowing you have helped one of these magnificent creatures makes it all worth it. We are trying to changes people’s perspective on sharks through the videos that Mickey films. The pair love sharks and despite silky sharks growing up to 10ft, they rarely feel in danger Despite publicity, shark attacks are relatively extremely rare.

We want to help protect our oceans and marine life’ The friends hope to turn their passion into a business and teach others about the importance of caring for sharks. Silky sharks are common near the coasts of the Americas, Australia and West Africa. They can live for more than 20 years and grow up to 10ft long, and although their size and jaws make them potentially dangerous to humans, attacks are fairly rare.

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The Rural Electric Program assists farmers to access a basic, essential service at a reasonable cost and aids in the diversification of our rural economy. It also provides partial equity with other Albertans living in urban areas as well as those living in other western provinces that benefit from lower hook-up costs and power rates sponsored.

About Amplifiers Kicker amplifiers provide amazing power, control, and flexibility, accompanied by a sleek design. With a focus on quality and design, our car amps allow you to command the sound within your ride. Amps serve to increase the power to the car radio and speakers, all while improving the quality of the audio. Our car-stereo amps are constructed to deliver in every aspect with the folks that enjoy loud and refined sound in mind. Kicker offers five series of car amplifiers: The IQ amplifiers combine power and control to deliver great sound.

The KX amps boast a more sleek design, along with potent features to pump out up 2, watts of power.

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This exercise works your rotating and twisting muscles, known as the obliques. Step 1 Sit on the seat with your back against the roller and your hands grasping the handle bars by your shoulders. Step 2 Extend your legs out in front of you, instead of hooking them under the foot rollers, and cross your ankles. Step 3 Contract your abdominal muscles and swing your lower body side to side.

Script Hook V is the library that allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. Note that it doesn’t work in GTA Online, script hook closes GTA V when player goes in multiplayer, see details in the readme. This distrib also includes the latest Asi Loader and Native Trainer.. Installation.

Sensual Matches purports to be a hookup site, but struggles to deliver the goods. Sure, they put more emphasis on sex than most dating services, but for many people sex is an important factor to consider when evaluating a potential partner — whether it be a fling or something more serious. Common features found on these dating websites sites are instant messaging, live video chat, and Tinder-style ‘Hot or Not’ galleries.

How To Choose The Right Adult Site From hook-ups to swingers and strap-on-sex, “adult dating” sites is an umbrella term for a variety of sites that cater to a more mature audience — one looking for a one-night stand, perhaps. Choosing a site in the adult category is actually fairly straight forward in the sense that many can be narrowed down by specific niche.

There are niche dating sites catering to every need, kink and fantasy. On the other hand, hook-up sites like iHookup. Choosing a site that accurately reflects your turn-ons is the best way of taking full advantage of the services available. Although all sites try to ensure that your privacy is safe, events like the recent Ashley Madison hack August are a good reminder that no information is completely untraceable.

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