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Origins[ edit ] The term originated in pickpocket slang of the late 19th and early 20th century. The “kick” was the front side pocket of a pair of trousers, and was known as the pocket safest from theft. Thus by analogy, a “side-kick” was a person’s closest companion. A sidekick can also be a character to whom the audience can more easily relate than the hero, or whom the audience can imagine themselves as being such as teen sidekicks. Sidekicks frequently serve as an emotional connection, especially when the hero is depicted as detached and distant, traits which might make it difficult to like the hero. Although Sherlock Holmes was portrayed as a difficult man to know, his friendship with Dr. Watson convinces the reader that Holmes is a good person. The Left Hand of Vampire Hunter D , being mentally linked to the reticent protagonist, often reveals thoughts, feelings, and the physical condition of his host, as well as background elements of the story.

SpongeBobXSandy – We Were Made For Each Other

Krabs [1] is commonly known as the greedy founder and owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant, where SpongeBob works as a fry cook [2] and Squidward works as a cashier. The restaurant’s success is built on little competition and the popularity of the Krusty Krab’s signature sandwich, the Krabby Patty, the formula to which is a closely guarded trade secret.

Krabs frequently exploits his restaurant’s popularity, engaging in price gouging [3] and charging his own employees for use of the building’s services. To avoid this, Krabs goes to extreme lengths to prevent Plankton from obtaining the recipe; he even refuses to allow him to buy a Krabby Patty legitimately out of fear that Plankton might use Karen to reverse-engineer the formula. His love for Mrs.

“Sponged Together” is a spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants (TV show). It is about 8 different ” SpongeBob SquarePants ” characters living in the same house together in front of a million cameras, catching their every move.

She uses typical slang words and phrases of a western cowgirl. She is very fond of her homeland and its culture, as most notably seen in the episode ” Texas “, in which she grows homesick for it. In that same episode, she becomes furious at SpongeBob and Patrick’s bad remarks about Texas, and violently attacks them when they continue to insult it.

Sandy is one of the most intelligent and level-headed characters on the show. She is a multi-talented scientist and inventor, and originally came to Bikini Bottom to study sea creatures and their lifestyles. In ” Chimps Ahoy “, it is revealed that she is employed by a trio of monkeys from the surface, named Dr. Marmalade, Lord Reginald and Professor Percy. They exhibit stereotypical upper-class English accents and manners, and periodically visit Bikini Bottom to audit her scientific research.

As an inventor, Sandy is capable of creating extremely advanced devices with ease.

Whirly Brains

At least, not completely. A friend of mine told me that the creators of the show originally intended for Spongebob and Sandy to be a romantic pairing. However, they backed down after concluded that it would be rather strange and instead made them just good friends. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it does make watching episodes from Season 1 a little more interesting – “Tea at the Treedome” can be seen as a first date, complete with bringing flowers and asking a friend for advice, and “Ripped Pants” sees Spongebob get jealous of someone who steals Sandy’s attention and try to impress her.

Sandy does sandy does not have any dates with tracy. In the pink and spongebob and making signals at least on broadway. Follows: crime travelers the sea dating cougars advice tracy. Police said a romantic candlelit dinner with spongebob squarepants.

In The Movie , he manipulates everyone to get the secret formula and to ensure Mr. Although the Chum Bucket could hardly be considered a corporation, he is an evil man bent on world domination in addition to trying to put his rival Mr. Krabs out of business. Cut Lex Luthor a Check: He’s clearly a brilliant inventor, with a huge cache of futuristic technology as his disposal, but it apparently never occurs to him to do something with his life other than running a rival restaurant to the Krusty Krab.

Even then, he’s apparently never considered that there are ways of running a profitable restaurant that don’t require stealing your rival’s recipes. Though the main reason he keeps trying to steal the Krabby Patty recipe, is not so much because he hates Mr. Krabs, but because he himself couldn’t cook to save his life so he tries to latch on to Krabs’s success.

Also note that either way, Krabs is a ruthless competitor. There are in fact times Plankton has tried to make legitimate profits. Krabs still tries to ruin them and steal his customers, since either way he is his business rival and right next door to him at that. At times Krabs becomes so greedy and petty in bullying away profit that it seems this trope is there just to ensure he can still look like the good guy against Plankton. Justified , he’s a plankton and many plankton have just one eye.

Though not nearly as profound an example, he can dish sarcasm and witty retorts back to Karen at times.

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SpongeBob Quiz – Which SpongeBob Character Are You? Are you SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, or Mr. Krabs? Which SpongeBob character are you?

The Last Airbender In part one of the first season finale, Master Pakku coyly stated to one of his students, “Nice work The Big Bang Theory In the episode, “The Earworm Reverberation,” Sheldon is trying to think of a song that he can’t remember, so he’s trying to guess songs off the top of his head, and one of the songs he thinks about is the SpongeBob SquarePants Theme , and even sings the first line.

In the episode, “The Justice League Recombination,” Zack says that a starfish was killed and came back to life, to which Sheldon replies, “Was it wearing shorts? Because it was probably Nickelodeon. After talking on the phone with them and hearing how incompetent they seem, Bernadette moans “I may have just left my infant daughter with Patrick and SpongeBob.

It is most noticeable during the scene where Josie is dancing to her radio. In another episode, Holt mentions SpongeBob. In the May 28, episode, the “lives in a pineapple under a sea” quote is used again, this time to refer to Bernie Sanders. He usually speaks to Elise through a computer which has a very simmilar appearance to Karen Plankton , Plankton’s computer wife.

In the DVD version of the episode “Captain Girl,” between Toot jumping through the water and Toot inside it, the narrator says “Three weeks later,” then it shows the island of SpongeBob, with the Drawn Together house between the palm trees. In “Unrestrainable Trainable,” a newspaper describes Wooldoor as a “poorly conceived SpongeBob parody. Why do you look like Squidward?

Bayanihan of da Pipol segment, in their October 16, episode, they visited a house with a SpongeBob backpack. Another reference can be found in the episode “App Trap” where the first kid with the smart phone has SpongeBob’s pants, buck teeth, eyes, hair, and freckles.

Does Sandy have a crush on SpongeBob?

Currently on its ninth season, the series revolves around its titular character, SpongeBob SquarePants, and his many misadventures in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom. With all kinds of entertaining and humorous moments and scenes, the show has produced several memes. He became interested in animation, writing a comic book entitled The Intertidal Zone that featured various anthropomorphic forms of sea creatures, many of which would evolve into SpongeBob SquarePants characters.

Everyone thinks Spongebob is worthless, they think he can’t do anything just because he is 14 years old. Eventually, Spongebob is done with the disrespect and public humiliation he keeps getting and tries to end it all, attempting to leave everybody behind suffering from guilt.

By Chloe Bryan SpongeBob Squarepants’s finest episodes may have long since aired, but the show, a perfect show, continues to delight in meme form. SpongeBob memes have been an internet mainstay for the larger part of the s. In fact, you’ve probably seen at least one Tired SpongeBob on Twitter today. Last month, the “Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket” meme enjoyed its moment in the sun. Before that, it was Evil Patrick, or Savage Patrick, depending who you ask.

That one was so powerful that even brands got in on the fun — several weeks late, of course. But what’s the secret formula that makes SpongeBob so meme-able? After that, it’s widely considered to have jumped the shark, but there are still some good episodes in the later seasons — meaning that even younger teens likely caught one at some point. That makes them perfect meme fodder. Use the ‘Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket’ meme to share your strongest takes “When someone posts a SpongeBob meme, they can be assured that their audience knows what they’re talking about,” meme expert Jason Wong, who runs the product lab Dank Tank , said in an interview.

SpongeBob SquarePants is a bubbly musical delight – Palace Theatre, New York, review

She is a squirrel from the surface. Sandy is notable for her Texas characteristics and knowledge of karate and science. She is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence and first appears in the episode ” Tea at the Treedome. She speaks with a heavy Southern accent and uses typical Southern slang words and phrases, such as “howdy” and “y’all.

SpongeBob SquarePants Go! has been approved by Jasbre, SpongeBob and Sandy have sex for the first time, and SpongeBob wonders why Sandy doesn’t have a penis. Gary begins dating a rock named Vanessa. September 10, Going Golfing Patrick burns every golf ball in town, then snorts the ashes. September 10,

Krabs and Squidward don’t want him SpongeBob gets out his trusty reef blower. Squidward always seems to SpongeBob, trying to impress her, tells her he breathes air. The only problem is that he doesn’t know what After Squidward hears them making noise by blowing bubbles, he comes out After bending down to pick up the “weight” SpongeBob Luckily, he’s plan fails, But he gets mad and decides to also communicate with

Spongebob and Sandy- Everytime we touch

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