Another Day, Another Vicious Attack on a Trump Supporter, Liberal Media Yawns

Share Americans knew what they were getting when some 63 million of them voted for him. This measure, it must be stressed, is not aimed at any particular race or religious group. It is designed only to lessen the terrorist risk to the U. Which is why it is outrageous that many figures on the Left — from Labour’s Dennis Skinner to the Guardian newspaper and its more idiotic contributors — have rushed to compare Mr Trump to Adolf Hitler. This is not only a grotesque insult to him and the people of democratic, freedom-loving, constitutional America, but to the six million murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. The Mail would remind the Left that the new President has yet to cause any suffering beyond disruption to air travel — unlike their former hero, Tony Blair, who left much of the Middle East drenched in blood. Which brings us to that quintessential member of the liberal elite, the former Foreign Office mandarin Lord Ricketts.

A Feminist, a Trump Supporter, and the Smallest Bar In New York

To meet this new demand, a social media company on Monday launched a new app that hopes to help young supporters of President Donald Trump look for romantic encounters, according to US media. The app, DonaldDaters, describes itself as an “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike,” and promises to “Make America date again.

That’s why we created a new platform for Trump supporters to meet people without being afraid of talking politics. Since Trump’s election fueled the expansion of political divide between conservatives and liberals, young conservatives are having an especially hard time finding dates in large metropolitan areas, which tends to lean liberal politically. Republicans have complained that they were ridiculed or insulted when their dates discover their political affiliations.

But I Would Never Date a Trump Supporter Misery Loves Company, Musings of the Mind · by Jordan Nadler Jordan Nadler attempts to find an answer to a question that .

Get the best Trump news straight to your inbox! Leave this field empty if you’re human: You’ll only get the best stuff we have! While the fake news media ignores the violent rhetoric from unhinged anti-American Democrats, and push a false narrative that President Trump and his supporters are perpetuating violence, Trump supporters are facing real danger in the world, with no end in sight. The reality of the violent crazed liberal world we live in now means if you wear a MAGA hat in public, you run the risk of being attacked.

If you attend a pro-Trump rally, you could be attacked. This is an important article to share. Breitbart Incidents of violence and threats against the political right have escalated as the establishment media amp up its hate rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters. Overall in the media, most especially at CNN, a coordinated narrative based on nothing but palace intrigue and gossip has been deployed to smear Trump as mentally unstable, reckless, and in need of removal from office — via the 25th Amendment, if necessary.

Woodward, however, did not and was not asked to explain how this could be true when the country is doing so well. But over the past week or so, as the economic news has gotten better and the Russia Collusion Hoax has collapsed, the desperate hate-rhetoric from the media has escalated. What kind of dogwhistle is he sending with rhetoric like that? While most voters roll their eyes at the melodrama, the real world effects of this inflammatory rhetoric are strikingly real.

Trump backs Roy Moore amid accusations

While it was an interesting look at how political views can impact our relationships, UNT students deserve a step further. Conservatives exist on this campus. There are students who identify as Republicans and those students, including myself, deserve to be understood as more than oddities that liberal girlfriends carry around in their pockets.

The United States has always been great. Democracy, equality and hard work are parts of the American experience that will never cease to exist. I went to public schools and was provided for by a loving family.

In an interview with NBC’s Ali Vitali this Wednesday, one female Trump supporter revealed that she doesn’t think men groping women is that big of a deal. When asked about the accusations against Kavanaugh, the woman, who is also the mother of two daughters, wasn’t too concerned.

Kirchner On our first date. If you voted for Donald Trump, keep scrolling. When it came to finding a meaningful relationship, the recent move to St. Petersburg, Florida, had been worse than moving to New York City was 10 years earlier. Two days after the election, I crumpled over in yoga class, reeling from chest pain. After Googling the symptoms — soreness around my heart, difficulty breathing, numbness in my left arm — I took myself to the emergency room.

There I was diagnosed with costochondritis, which sounded and seemed like a fancy form of hypochondria, but is in fact a swelling of the cartilage around the sternum brought on by anxiety. How about this election equaling the end of my personhood as a woman? The horror of an inarticulate man with a microphone?

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All major cable networks will reshuffle their news content and style after millions of Americans boycott their networks due to fraudulent and unethical reporting. Dec 28, , Headlines: Jan 09, , Headlines: Manufacturing output in the US will increase by the end of the year to a year high. Mar 31, , Headlines: Nov 21, , Headlines:

This week, after authorities captured a Trump supporter who allegedly sent pipe bombs to numerous prominent liberal politicians and mainstream media figures, Donald Trump showed little interest in.

Much to his surprise, the cashier ringing him up was a flaming liberal — and he quickly called the cops after he saw what was on the back of the money that he was just handed. Facebook An account of the shocking ordeal was posted to Facebook by David J. Hill and has since been shared by Cold Dead Hands. After explaining that he wanted to spend time with his buddies and decided where to meet up, Hill and his friends headed down to a local eatery and enjoyed some conversation and a few laughs.

However, things would take a shocking turn when he went to pay. Shocked, he asked if the man was serious only to be left even more shocked at the liberal who firmly held his ground, asking if the customer had another form of payment he could offer. At that point, it became a matter of principle, so David decided to stick to his guns as well, telling the cashier that the cash was all he had on him.

Leaving the customer even more aghast, the entitled brat then suggested David go to a nearby ATM, get some more money, and return to the store. By the time the police arrived, a small group had gathered around only to watch on as the officer asked the usual question: I went with several friends to a restaurant in Texas and after the meal went to pay.

Liberals need to wake up and smell the coffee. The content on Mad World News expresses a personal opinion, advocates a point of view e. For the purpose of fact-checking, it should be rated as Opinion according to Facebook policy.

Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner

They lack the capacity to agree to disagree how amazingly mature and tolerant. Plus, in an odd way, sleeping with Trump supporters reaffirms my own political and personal values. For me, differing political ideologies are a deal breaker. But that only makes me more OK with accepting these flings for what they are: Opportunities for excellent hate-sex.

Dec 30,  · There was a lot of response on social media and elsewhere, most of it positive, much of it from people in far more difficult situations ― people who opposed Trump and were struggling with.

Let’s be clear about his position: The president did not call on Moore to step aside as a candidate. A White House spokesperson said Trump “does not believe we can allow a mere allegation” from “many years ago” to “destroy a person’s life,” adding that it would be the “right thing” to “step aside,” but only “if these allegations are true. This means it is likely that Moore, barring other developments, will stay in the race. He could still very well win. Top Democrats do think the chances that their nominee Doug Jones could still somehow prevail have improved.

After speaking with senior Democrats familiar with the campaign’s thinking, here’s the view among them: Democrats doubt that Moore unless something even more shocking comes out will step down. The stance of many Republicans, especially Trump, leaves him plenty of room to stay in. Plus, the response from chief Moore sponsors like Steve Bannon – that the liberal establishment and the media are conspiring to persecute Moore – sets a narrative that makes it less likely he’ll quit.

How can Moore capitulate to that nefarious alliance?

These single women don’t want a man who’s still ‘With Her’

It struck me as a funny question. This election has seemingly turned Republicans and Democrats into warring clans. This election has so little to do with political theory and so much to do with who we are as people.

I didn’t plan out this response for days or try to make this all-inclusive, but this should give you a fair idea of why I, a liberal, support Donald Trump for president. (Jump to table of.

I mostly admire his self-restraint. I probably would have started a riot in similar circumstances, but that guy basically controlled the crowd. The best part for me was at the end when the girls got involved. Oddly, this reminds me of my crowning achievement in the dating world and the only time that I can literally say that I made someone shit. The short story is that I was on a first date and everything was alright until she started whimsically talking about politics as if she could take it for granted that I agreed with her views.

She lurched back in discomfort, then she suddenly excused herself and went to the restroom for about five minutes. The people on the other side, the savages, have nothing. They are people that we would have thrown in the crazy house years ago.. The rest of them are illegals…or kids of illegals. These people bring nothing to the table. We need to get rid of all of these illegals who are a drain on our system.

Trump supporters are melting down because they can’t find a date

Dating app launched for Trump supporters Source: To meet this new demand, a social media company on Monday launched a new app that hopes to help young supporters of President Donald Trump look for romantic encounters, according to U. The app, DonaldDaters, describes itself as an “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike,” and promises to “Make America date again.

That’s why we created a new platform for Trump supporters to meet people without being afraid of talking politics. Since Trump’s election fueled the expansion of political divide between conservatives and liberals, young conservatives are having an especially hard time finding dates in large metropolitan areas, which tends to lean liberal politically.

Another self-described “open-minded” liberal couple said they could not accept a Trump supporter to fill an open room in their house. “If you’re racist, sexist, homophobic or a Trump supporter.

She’s a former federal prosecutor married to a DEA agent, and proclaims herself in favor of gun rights and GOP leadership’s “sanctuary cities” bill. She says she voted for Donald Trump in and expects to again in , and she’s been endorsed by most of the state’s Republican sheriffs, plus Bondi. And Moody says she’s been a Republican since she was old enough to form her own political principles, after she went off to college.

Jay Fant, R-Jacksonville, who says he hopes the primary will be “a race to the right. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, and Republican Mack. Jeb Bush’s One Florida proposal to end affirmative action in university admissions. In the final vote three months later, Moody voted for it. McBride lost to Bush in the general election. The would-be condo buyers charged that Trump fraudulently deceived them into thinking he invested in the project when in fact he had only sold the developer the right to use his name.

They cited Trump’s public statements that he was a “partner” and his secret agreement not to reveal the true ownership details. But as White describes these events on a web site called LiberalJudge. She has raised “tens of thousands of dollars” from “liberal high-rollers,” a reference to a fundraiser with Barnett as one of 16 co-hosts.

Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany dating a Democrat who likes Hillary Clinton

But Bill White and his husband, Bryan Eure, are not red state evangelicals or die-hard right-wingers. In fact, for years, they were key players among a cohort that Mr. That’s why neo-liberalism flourished for so long.

“For many young Trump supporters, liberal intolerance has made meeting and dating nearly impossible,” Emily Moreno, CEO of DonaldDaters, said in a statement. “Support .

Russia has no real tradition of Second Amendment rights. Butina, 28, was running a furniture business in her provincial Siberian hometown just a few years ago. After moving to Moscow in , she founded a gun-rights organization, the Right to Bear Arms, and began traveling back and forth to the U. In , a collection of NRA officials flew over to attend Butina’s annual gun conference.

NRA allies say the group is happy to work with international firearms-advocacy groups to advance mutual interests. The group did not respond to a request to comment for this story. The same Washington think tank hosted a foreign policy speech for candidate Trump in April , where Trump was introduced to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, according to the Wall Street Journal. In April , Butina and Torshin traveled to Tennessee to attend a fundraiser for a political group backing the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, then viewed as a leading contender for the GOP nomination.

In July, she attended Walker’s campaign kickoff in Wisconsin.

Grab ‘Em by the Keyboard: There’s a Dating Site for Lonely Trump Supporters

December 13, 4: He sounds really unhinged now. His head is puffing up bigger and bigger. Like Cyrus 2, years ago, Trump is seen as an instrument of God. Trump was already a hero to a wide swath of evangelicals for his efforts to fight abortion, keep transgender kids out of the wrong bathrooms and fill the U. But since the Jerusalem declaration, such comparisons are appearing more frequently and intensely than ever in sectarian media and on social networks.

Feb 26,  · Trump supporter Ashley Moody still accused of being Democrat. Welcome to the GOP primary for Florida Attorney General.

Print President Trump speaks to reporters Nov. President Trump spoke for the first time to reporters about the accusations of sexual misconduct against U. The president was asked if he will campaign for Moore ahead of the Dec. Al Franken, D-Minn, should resign in the wake of sexual misconduct and what he thought about the disclosure that Sen. Corfman was one of four accusers featured in the Nov. The Alabama Republican Party, meanwhile, continues to support the former judge.

The father was better equipped to deal with the already existing disciplinary problems, according to the petition, he said.

A House Divided: Marriage Across Political Party Lines

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